Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

Weekly Pac 12 Staff Selections

Final week of the regular season and tons of big games

Last Week
Karren- 6-9
Kimmel- 10-5
Smith- 8-7
Swinney- 9-6
Super Fans- 9-6

Season To Date
Karren- 93-47
Kimmel- 95-45
Smith- 94-46
Swinney- 94-46
Super Fans- 100-48

Utah at Colorado
Karren- Utah
Kimmel- Utah
Smith- Utah
Swinney- Utah
Super Fans- Utah

Stanford at UCLA
Karren- UCLA
Kimmel- UCLA
Smith- Stanford
Swinney- UCLA
Super Fans- Stanford

Notre Dame at USC
Karren- USC
Kimmel- USC
Smith- Notre Dame
Swinney- USC
Super Fans- Notre Dame

Oregon at Oregon State
Karren- Oregon
Kimmel- Oregon
Smith- Oregon
Swinney- Oregon
Super Fans- Oregon

Arizona State at Arizona
Karren- Arizona
Kimmel- Arizona State
Smith- Arizona
Swinney- Arizona
Super Fans- Arizona

Washington at Washington State
Karren- Washington
Smith- Washington
Swinney- Washington
Super Fans-Washington

South Carolina at Clemson
Karren- Clemson
Smith- Clemson
Swinney- Clemson
Super Fans- Clemson

Ohio at Kent State
Karren- Kent State
Kimmel- Kent State
Smith- Kent State
Swinney- Kent State
Super Fans- Ohio

Florida at Florida State
Karren- Florida
Kimmel- Florida
Smith- Florida State
Swinney- Florida State
Super Fans- Florida State

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
Karren- Oklahoma
Kimmel- Oklahoma
Smith- Oklahoma
Swinney- Oklahoma
Super Fans- Oklahoma

Michigan at Ohio State
Karren- Ohio State
Kimmel- Michigan
Smith- Ohio State
Swinney- Ohio State
Super Fans- Michigan

Wisconsin at Penn State
Karren- Penn State
Kimmel- Penn State
Smith- Wisconsin
Swinney- Penn State
Super Fans- Penn State

TCU at Texas
Karren- Texas
Kimmel- Texas
Smith- Texas
Swinney- Texas
Super Fans- Texas

Louisiana Tech at San Jose State
Karren- Louisiana Tech
Kimmel- Louisiana Tech
Smith- Louisiana Tech
Swinney- Louisiana Tech
Super Fans- Louisiana Tech

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